PRESSURE is being stepped up for action on a ‘dangerous’ road where a pensioner was killed 13 months ago.

Elizabeth Saynor, who was known as Betty, was hit by a Renault Clio while crossing Blackburn Road in Great Harwood on January 13 2020.

The 87-year-old suffered a serious head injury and died.

Now Great Harwood councillor Noordad Aziz has written a another letter to highways chiefs demanding safety measures for the road.

The Netherton ward Labour representative revealed he had backed up his original demand for action a year ago with emails to Lancashire County Council transport boss Cllr Keith Iddon in correspondence with local resident Wayne Fitzharris who family had a 'near miss' at the same spot.

Mr Fitzharris said: "My wife Sarah and four children were nearly obliterated trying to cross Blackburn Road, when a black car came racing past them and sped off.

"It on the corner of Waverledge Road and Blackburn Road, almost in the same spot where Betty Saynor was hit and later died. This junction is notoriously dangerous."

Cllr Aziz told Mr Fitzharris: "I share you concerns about road safety on Blackburn Road.

"I attach my latest correspondence from Cllr Iddon on the matter in December. I have a number of correspondences on the matter, prior to the sad fatality of Mrs Betty Saynor and subsequently.

"I will continue to campaign as the safety of my residents is paramount.

Cllr Iddon's letter told Cllr Aziz: "I understand road safety on Blackburn Road is something you are extremely passionate about, especially since the sad passing of Mrs Saynor. Our Road Safety team are busy assessing which roads will be included in the 2021/22 safety scheme. The team requires collision data from the police."

Mr Fitzharris said: "I feel that unless there is another death fatal accident, Lancashire County Council will focus on other priorities.

"I feel sad we have been given lip service from the county council but no action. It is failing our town."