A DISABLED pensioner was furious to be given a £70 ticket for parking on double yellow lines with his blue badge while getting a coronavirus vaccination.

Colin Young, a 70-year-old with rheumatoid arthritis, had left his car there as the car park at the nearby Barbara Castle Way Health Centre giving out the jabs was full.

But he had failed to notice faded yellow markings on the kerb signalling 'No Loading' rendering his concessionary permit invalid.

When he returned, a Blackburn with Darwen Council civil enforcement officer has placaed a Fixed Penalty Notice on his windscreen.

He immediately appealed the fine but was swiftly told he had to pay the penalty, reduced to £35 if settled swiftly.

In desperation the father-of-two from Pleckgate turned to the Lancashire Telegraph which managed to get the fine cancelled but not to get the scarcely-visible kerb markings repainted by the council.

Mr Young said: "I was so pleased when I was offered the vaccination. But this has taken the pleasure out of it.

"There was nowhere to park at the health centre and people we queuing up for spaces.

"I didn't want to miss my jab so I drove to Simmons Street and parked on double yellow lines using my blue badge as I thought I was entitled to to.

"There were no 'No Loading' signs and I did not not see the kerb markings which were so faded they were scarcely visible.

"Giving a penalty notice to someone with a blue badge for parking there is simply wrong -especially when they are doing what the council says and getting a coronavirus vaccination.

"It's highway robbery by the council.

"I have rheumatoid arthritis so cannot walk very far.

"I immediately filled in the online form to appeal the fine but got a letter back saying they would not cancel it so they cannot have looked at it very hard.

"I am so grateful to the Lancashire Telegraph for intervening and getting it cancelled. I am delighted.

"The paper managed to do something I couldn't.

"But the council needs to improve the signage and repaint the kerb markings or this will happen to someone else."

A Blackburn with Darwen Council spokeswoman said: "We have rescinded Mr Young's Fixed Penalty Notice. Currently we are looking very carefully at FPNs issued to older and disabled people getting their Covid-19 vaccinations."

The spokeswoman added there were no plans to repaint the kerb markings, put down two months ago, or instal new signage.