A TIT-FOR-TAT episode between friends over a debt ended with one of them using the buckle end of a ratchet strap to attack the other's car.

Blackburn magistrates heard Samuel Irving caused £600 worth of damage to the car before being chased off by the other man's parents.

Irving, 21, of Burnley Road, Crawshawbooth, pleaded guilty to criminal damage to a car belonging to Jack McLaughlin. He was ordered to pay £600 compensation and £85 costs. The magistrates heard as a result of missing an earlier appearance Irving had been arrested on a warrant and spent a night in the cells.

Peter Conroy, prosecuting, said the defendant and the aggrieved had been friends prior to the incident when they fell out over money.

At 2.30 pm the complainant was driving with a friend when they came across Irving who was in another car with a friend.

"Irving threw eggs at the other man's car and then drove off," said Mr Conroy. "Shortly after the complainant found him and threw some kind of plastic box at his car."

Mr Mclaughlin then drove home but Irving turned up at his address.

"He said he knew there was going to be trouble and ran to the front door to ring the bell and alert his parents," said Mr Conroy. "The defendant walked towards Mr Mclaughlin's car and used a strap with a ratchet device at the end to attack the vehicle, causing dents in the roof and a door panel and smashing the rear window and a side window."

Irving drove off when Mr McLaughlin's parents came out but they lived on a cul-de-sac and used a car to block the road until the police arrived.

Irving admitted the offence and was given a caution on condition he paid the £600 compensation.

Gareth Price, defending, said the offence went back to September 2019 and his client had not been in trouble since. He had lost his job shortly after the incident and had not been able to pay the compensation.

"It was a moment of poor judgement in the face of some provocative behaviour by the complainant," said Mr Price.