A MAN who had been a passenger in a car which was chased by police was arrested after he became confrontational.

Blackburn magistrates heard Adam Luker Barrass said he knew the driver, who had run away, but wasn't going to say who he was.

And he ended up in a scuffle with the officer after pushing him in the chest.

Barrass, 28, of Maple Street, Oswaldtwistle, pleaded guilty to assaulting an emergency worker and being drunk and disorderly. He was jailed for four weeks for the assault and a further 16 weeks for being in breach of a suspended sentence imposed in November. He was ordered to pay £50 compensation and £125 victim surcharge.

Leigh Morgan, prosecuting, said at 1.15am on Sunday a car came up behind a police car with its headlights on main beam. As the officer slowed the car accelerated past and shot a red light.

"There was a short chase before the driver abandoned the car and ran away," said Miss Leigh. "That was when the defendant became involved and he was clearly very drunk."

Barrass got in the officer's face and was pushed away he then pushed the officer and there was a scuffle during which the officer's glasses were knocked off and the wire ripped out of his radio.

When he was interviewed Barrass admitted he was very drunk having drunk a lot of vodka.

Gareth Price, defending, said his client said his client was realistic about the likely sentence.

He said Barrass had approached the officer but got too close and was pushed away.

"In his drunken state he misunderstood why the officer had pushed him," said Mr Price. "Alcohol is an issue in his life."