TWO groups of youths have been seen by police breaking lockdown rules.

Officers from Rossendale and Colne have each reported about a group breaching Covid-19 regulations, with one of the groups being caught by officers.

In Colne, a group of "lads" were seen out on their bikes, with police asking their parents to "reinforce" the lockdown rules.

A spokesperson for Colne police said: "As far as we are aware, we are still in a national lock down.

"Perhaps the parents of the lads out on bikes around North Valley tonight, would reinforce that before we catch up with them."

Meanwhile in Bacup, officers have said a group of youths were acting in an "anti-social manner" on Stubby Lee Park.

Officers made the group apologise for their behaviour and reminded about Covid-19 restrictions.

A spokesperson for Rossendale police said: "Earlier this evening we had received reports of a group of youths kicking in a shed and acting in an anti-social manner on Stubby Lee Park in Bacup.

"On arrival the group were spoken to regarding their behaviour and were made to apologise in front of everyone for acting in an anti-social manner! The youths were given COVID advice, warned and told to go home and stay home.

"Thank you to the member of public who reported this and for "shedding" some light on the situation."