HOSPICE staff helped a patient with one of her final wishes to write an anniversary card to her husband.

Marie Jagger, of Whalley Road, Accrington, was cared for at East Lancashire Hospice in November 2020 and during her time spent on the inpatients unit the staff were able to help her mark her upcoming 55th emerald wedding anniversary.

When Marie was admitted, her husband Ken, a retired fireman, sent an anniversary card to her and in return and with some assistance from her daughter Sonia, who purchased a card for Ken on her mother's behalf, and inpatient staff, Marie was able to reciprocate the gesture.

Although Marie was quite unwell at the time, Sonia together with Denise, one of the nurses caring for Marie, was able to ask her what she wanted to write and when ‘To Ken with all my love always, Marie’ was suggested, she was able to nod to confirm she was happy with this.

Despite being very frail and sleepy, Sonia held the card for her dear mother whilst Denise gently held and supported Marie’s hand while Marie held the pen.

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As she wrote, Sonia and Denise suggested that Marie add three kisses, and as Marie came to the end of what she was writing, she continued to move her hand to put a fourth kiss on the card.

This anniversary card meant so much to all the family – to Marie who was able to send it to her beloved husband, Ken, to Sonia who was able to help fulfill her mother’s wish and to Ken for whom the card would be the last and would provide a lasting memory of his wife.

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For Denise too, it was a privilege to be able to help support Marie with one of her final wishes, to help her make the most of her life and to give comfort to Marie’s family.

Sadly Marie died on Thursday, November 19, aged 75, a few days before her 55th wedding anniversary, however the family were able to arrange for her funeral to take place on the date as per her husband Ken’s wishes.