A HOMEOWNER faces a repair bill of up to £700 after a driver crashed into their stone wall and sped off.

Geraldine Bridgewood was shocked when she got a call from a neighbour about the blue Vauxhall Vectra careering into the wall on Tuesday morning just before noon.

CCTV footage shows the driver pulling back out of the wall and speeding off in the opposite direction.

To make matters worse she believes they returned later in the afternoon to Todmorden Road in Briercliffe in another car to look at the damage.

Now she is calling on anyone who may have seen the damaged car to get in touch.

She said: "You can see the car coming down the road at some speed.

"I was really miffed and angry about it as why did they just drive off

"We have since found out that there was no tax or insurance which is probably why.

"I was working at the time and got a call from the neighbour to say they went out and saw it.

"We are really lucky with the community we live in because they went out to move the boulders and stones off the road.

"It also could have been so much worse as it is a blind bend and someone could have hit the rocks.

"It was lucky that it hit the wall as it could have gone into the garden or even hit our house."

Geraldine says she thinks the driver hit some ice on the road at speed.

"I think they have lost control on some ice but you can see them driving in the middle of the road, I don't know why they were doing that.

"We posted it on Facebook and some people had spotted the car at Grimshaw Hall with the bonnet damaged.

"We believe they came back at 5pm in a different car to look at the damage.

"It was so brazen to come back. I think adrenalin must have kicked in when they drove off.

"All we want is them to come back to us and pay for the damage.

"We reported it to the police but they were not interested as there is nothing they can do. It would be a matter for the DVLA if it was not taxed and they could track people down that way."

If you know anything about the incident then you should email or whereabouts of the car then email ger@jb-eye.com