A bitter row has erupted between two ex-employees of a pizza shop and its franchise owners.

The former manager and assistant manager of NKD Pizza in Burnley have accused the franchise owners, Pam and Andrew Walls-Hester, of failing to pay them correctly after the store closed for good on December 16.

The disagreement has now resulted in Mr and Mrs Walls-Hester contacting the police accusing their former employees of harassment after they made numerous calls, texts and emails to the couple asking about their wages.

Former assistant manager, Lucy Coyne said: "I was the assistant manager at NKD before they closed on December 16.

"I tried to contact Pam numerous times but I didn't get a response, and then she blocked me.

"I've still not been paid my final pay as agreed in a previous email from Pam that it would be paid at the end of January.

"I am still owed two weeks in-hand payment, and 19 days holiday pay, totalling £1765.26."

Miss Coyne, who has an eight-month-old baby to look after, said she was depending on the money owed to come through on January 31, but her bank was not credited.

The Lancashire Telegraph has seen emails and texts sent between Miss Coyne and the Walls-Hesters, one from December 22 which states: "This is to confirm your December salary will be paid on December 31.

"Any outstanding holiday pay due to you will be made on January 31.

"All payments will be identified on the wage slips you will receive.

"All payments will be subject to the solvency of the company."

The former manager of NKD pizza, who did not wish to be named, said she had similar issues, handed her notice in on December 14, and was supposed to be paid remaining money owed to her on January 31, but is now seeking to take the issue to an employment tribunal.

She said: "They left me with no money over Christmas and I was supposed to be paid at the end of January but like Lucy, still nothing has been paid."

Former franchise owner, Pam Walls-Hester said: "The reason we had to close was because the assistant manager refused to come in to work and we had no one else to run the shop so were forced to shut.

"The two ex-employees have had everything they are owed, but if they choose to take the claims through the appropriate channels then they can and we will respond to that.

"None of what they are saying is true, they are trying to claim money that they are not owed because they are disgruntled ex-employees."

CEO of NKD Pizza, Grant Clouston said: "We were not aware of the allegations that have been brought forward by the franchise’s staff.

"I reached out to Pam and Andy Wall-Hester, the previous owners of the franchised store and they have refuted the claims.

"Any questions are best answered by them because they owned and operated the franchise store prior to closing.

"While we do not directly operate our franchises, we do care very much about their staff and I will make myself available to answer any follow-up questions."