IT’S Chinese New Year which is one of China’s most important holidays- and what better way to celebrate than sampling some of East Lancashire’s best local takeaways.

However, we trust our reader’s opinion more than any booking or review site which is why we asked you to share your favourite local takeaway with us.

We received over 140 comments listing some of the top places in the region- here are just some of your suggestions:

One of the top comments was from Sarah Cooke who said the Good Fortune restaurant on Scotland Road In Nelson is ‘incredible’.

Several people had high praise for China Wok on Bolton Road in Blackburn- one woman described it as  “fantastic”.

Another loyal customer said their favourite is “China Wok all the way”.

It may be one of the most popular places for the commenters- but it is only the 13th most popular Chinese takeaway on Tripadvisor.

A fair few of our readers had great things to say about Chung Seng in Rishton, one woman even went as far to describe it as “the best around”.

However, it might have competition from Lucky Star on Moseley Street as this takeaway also received a lot of love in the comments.

Another commenter had high praise for Bamboo House in Lower Darwen.

They said: “I had the beef chow mein from there the other night- it was ace”

However, another Darwen local would disagree citing Man Lee on Railway Road as one of her favourites.

Leonie Murphy agreed saying Man Less is “by far the best Chinese around”.

Burnley’s Happy Village takeaway is also not to be missed as one woman described it as “fantastic”- one of our top fans, Ms Edmunson, had to agree.

If you live in Accrington, Elaine’s favourite place is Le Oriental Delight on Whalley Road but Karen’s is Kwong Ming on Blackburn Road.

If you are a vegan, or simply prefer plant based food, you can still enjoy Chinese food.

One commenter said their favourite place is Westend Plant Based Vegan in Oswaldtwistle.

A spokesperson for the company said some of their most popular dishes include crispy chilli vegan chicken and Singapore style vermicelli- have you tried any of them?

Lancashire Telegraph: Singapore style vermicelli (Photo: Westend Plant Based Vegan)Singapore style vermicelli (Photo: Westend Plant Based Vegan)

Another Oswaldtwistle favourite is Lin Spot on Union Road.

Sadly, we will never know one commenter’s favourite Chinese takeaway.

They humorously commented: “I’m not telling you which is my favourite in case Jamie Oliver is reading- don’t want him ruining that as well”.

Where is your favourite local Chinese takeaway? Let us know in the comments.