CCTV cameras and new gates have been installed at a rugby club to stop people gathering for 'alcohol sessions' and 'taking drugs'.

Nelson and Brierfield Police have posted about the news about the rugby club in Brierfield and how they are monitoring the situation with rubbish being left in the dug-out areas.

A Lancashire Police spokesman said: "Recently we been covering the hotspot areas around Brierfield and Nelson.

"One place that is constantly used as an anti-social behaviour area for both drugs and alcohol is the Rugby club in Brierfield.

"I am pleased to say over the last few months we have seen a big decrease in the number of vehicles using the car park as a meeting point.

"We have regularly been patrolling this area and want to thank people who have understood our message.

"One problem that has continued despite having visual signs up is people using the dugouts causing criminal damage, taking drugs, having alcohol sessions, a place to meet and litter too.

"We know this as we have caught several people using the spot as they think it is discreet (a big surprise when they see us).

"We have been up in the day and noticed the seats being burnt along with litter everywhere.

"The groundsman has been cleaning up after which is not fair, if the area was kept clean with no damage it would have been fine pre COVID however, this is simply not acceptable behaviour.

"For years the rugby club has accepted the community can use the area but unfortunately this will now be restricted by a few who spoil it for everybody else.

"Gates have now been put up so vehicles are not able to access the car park after a certain time, cameras have also been put up meaning CCTV will be passed to the police.

"We will continue to patrol the dugout area.

"Please can you share this with the community as I really hope the message gets to the people responsible and parents know what some of the youths get up to nowadays when they say they are going out or come home late!!

"If there is any other area which is a major concern please email me on so I can look at this for you."