A MAN who travelled from Accrington to Preston on a train with his dog says he was asked to leave a station after complaining a vending machine failed to dispense a £1.50 bottle of water. 

Steven Gregory says that he and his partner had taken their dog Rocco for a day out on Friday February 5, travelling via Northern Rail and Avanti West Coast.

However their problems began when they arrived at Preston Train Station on Fishergate.

Mr Gregory said: "Upon arrival at Preston Train Station our dog was a little dehydrated from the journey so we went to get him a bottle of water from a Selecta vending machine.

Lancashire Telegraph:

Mr Gregory and his partner's dog Rocco

"The vending machine took our money but didn't release any items.

"We went to seek assistance on this and was told that we needed to ring the number on the vending machine, this we did but the number was invalid.

"We spoke to the member of staff again and explained this to him.

"He then spoke to us relatively rudely for a professional, saying there is nothing we can do as the vendor machines are sponsors, he then said this is the end of the matter there is nothing furthermore I can do.

"Understandably in my situation, I tried to explain that I have paid for my item, not received it and now I'm being told by the staff there is nothing that can be done!"

Mr Gregory, who had paid £1.50 for the bottle of water, explained that he tried to tell members of staff that he had lost money as a result of the faulty vending machine but says that he was eventually told by security that he would either have to board his train or leave the station.

He said: "The customer service was atrocious, and I didn't receive an item or my money back, I am expected to leave the matter at that but will not be."

He added: "It feels like broad daylight robbery, and by a big company.

"Companies like these shouldn't just get away with this."

Lancashire Telegraph:

Preston Train Station 

Avanti West Coast, which runs the franchise, have declined to comment on the specifics of the incident but say that Mr Gregory should complain through official channels if he has a problem, however Mr Gregory says he contacted the company on February 5.

They have added that water bowls are in situ as a matter of course on the platforms, and had Mr Gregory mentioned his dog, they would have directed him to the nearest one.

Mr Gregory, however, says that no such offer was made at the time.