FROM stolen bathrobes to forgotten teeth, there are a lot of stories you don’t know about the Lawrence Hotel in Padiham.

Michael Huckerby is one of the hotel directors and he has plenty of stories to share about memorable events, light-fingered guests and even the secret to having the best night’s sleep of your life.

Lancashire Telegraph: Michael HuckerbyMichael Huckerby

'How did he leave without his teeth?'

We’ve all left something behind at a hotel.

According to Michael, socks are the most common things left behind by guests.

However, sometimes staff will come across some particularly strange forgotten items- including a set of teeth.

Michael added: “We couldn’t work out if he had two pairs- how did he leave without his teeth?

“They rang up later that day when they must have needed them- we fedexed them straight back to them.”

While this isn’t the only unusual thing left behind, according to Mr Huckerby the other items are “unpublishable”.

Michael said one of the most memorable, albeit stressful, moments of his career was when they had to plan a wedding in five days.

Thanks to lockdown restrictions, Justine Friedrich and Ash Lyons brought their wedding ahead by five weeks so they could celebrate with more friends and family.

Lancashire Telegraph: Justine Friedrich and Ash Lyons Justine Friedrich and Ash Lyons

Michael said: “They came to us on the Tuesday and said ‘We want to get married on the Saturday- can you do it?

“Despite the rush- it was one of my favourite weddings we have ever done.

“They were so grateful that we pulled it together and the vibe was brilliant.”

'They said the iPad must have slipped inside their bag'

However, not every story from the hotel is as positive.

Michael has revealed that some guests like to help themselves to the in-house amenities with one or two items making their way into their suitcases.

He added: “We know the bathrobes are great- but we wish guests would stop stealing them as we have to buy more.”

There is an Amazon Alexa device in every hotel room and guests will often use the attached wire to charge their phone.

“The wires are the most stolen more than anything,” Michael revealed.

“With the bathrobes people know they are stealing them- but the wires could be an honest accident.”

However, not every missing item can be put down to an honest mistake.

Michael explained that premium room has an iPad which was taken by a guest.

He explained: “They said they didn’t take it- so we sent them a screenshot of find my iPhone showing that it was at their house.

“They said it must have slipped inside their bag and returned it back to us.”

'Some guests say they have seen the ghost of a young girl'

You might already know that this hotel goes way back into history and is made up of eight properties and cottages; it also used to be used to be a doctor’s surgery where sick people were treated.

Spooky-minded individuals and those who believe in ghosts might question if the hotel is haunted.

According to Michael, it could be.

He said: “Some guests said they have seen the ghost of a young girl run across the corridor.

“I’ve never seen her- but three different guests across three years have told me this.

“However, the hotel still has a comfortable and welcoming vibe.”

Ghosts and ghouls don’t seem to put off any guests from staying at the hotel- especially those with celebrity status.

According to Michael, the hotel has been attended by several celebrities and notable figures in the past.

One person who has been particularly vocal about her stay was Faye Brooks, an actress known for portraying Kate Connor in Coronation Street.

She is also currently taking part in ITV competition, Dancing on Ice.

'Always, always use cotton bedding'

Finally, if you have ever stayed in a top-quality hotel bed, you will know just how comfortable they are to sleep in.

No matter how hard we try, we just can’t make our beds as comfortable as those from a hotel.

However, Michael has some tips and tricks for those hoping for a restful-and it all starts with the mattress.

Lancashire Telegraph: A bedroom at the hotel (Photo: Lawrence Hotel)A bedroom at the hotel (Photo: Lawrence Hotel)

He said: “The ones here are Simba mattresses and you can’t flip them.

“We rotate them every couple of months to keep them soft.”

The hotel also provides two types of pillows for guests so they have the choice about where to rest their heads.

And finally- Michael’s most important piece of advice stems from the blankets used.

He said: “Always, always use cotton bedding- never a blend with polyester in.”

He added: “While having loads of throws on your bed might seem comfortable it doesn’t mean you will get the best night sleep.

“Not only does cotton linen feel comfortable but it keeps you cool.”

If you would like to book a stay at the hotel after lockdown and uncover more secrets for yourself, you can select a date on the company website.

However, be sure to leave the bathrobes and iPads behind when you leave.