THE North-West misses out on coronavirus support for start-up businesses, Labour has claimed.

Its analysis of grants from the government's 'Future Fund' shows that ministers have invested 11 times more cash in London than in the region.

Start-up businesses in the North West received £52million while those in London received in total £590m – more than 11 times the amount.

This is despite the North West having a population of around 7.3m compared to London's 8.9m.

The average £996,000 grant for a business in the North West was also significantly less than the average award for a £1m plus per business in London and the South East.

The ‘Future Fund’ aims to support innovative businesses affected by the coronavirus crisis that are normally reliant on equity investment.

Shadow Business Secretary Ed Miliband MP, said: "While the government talks about backing the North and Midlands, the reality is starkly different. Their interventions are making regional inequality worse not better.

“By investing much more heavily in start-ups in the South of England and squeezing out other parts of the country, they will be simply reinforcing economic imbalances in our country."