PRIORITY routes in East Lancashire will be gritted this evening and tomorrow morning (January 9).

Lancashire County Council have said they will be gritting routes as areas of the county are under a yellow weather warning with more snow forecast for the next two days.

A spokesperson for the council said: "All priority routes in East Lancashire to be gritted this Evening.

"We have weather predictions of snow/ice and temperatures reaching well below freezing. We will apply salt to all priority routes.

"Priority routes only cover a third of the highway network and ice patches can develop on treated surfaces caused by water run-off from fields or other sources.

"Ice is most likely on untreated surfaces."

They added: "Gritters will be patrolling Tuesday morning and throughout the day and treating where necessary in East Lancashire

"Temperatures could drop below zero tomorrow morning and throughout the day so our gritters will be out patrolling and monitoring the priority routes and treating them where necessary."