A 27-year-old man with no history of mental health problems was killed when he was hit by a train, an inquest heard.

Michael Bona, from Burnley, died on the railway tracks at Burnley Rose Grove Station on October 12, after jumping in front of a moving train around 10pm.

At an inquest in Accrington Town Hall, Coroner Richard Taylor told the hearing that on that night the train was passing through Rose Grove Station but was not due to make a stop there.

The driver saw the figure of a person jump down from the platform and onto the track.

Mr Taylor said: “He was struck, and the train made an emergency stop and the emergency services were called."

Giving evidence, fatality investigator Derek Woolley from the British Transport Police, said they were satisfied that no third party had been involved in Mr Bona’s death as CCTV footage from the station showed there to be nobody else in the vicinity at the time Mr Bona jumped onto the tracks, evidence which also tallied with that of the train driver.

However, Mr Woolley told the hearing: “Mr Bona’s mother wasn’t convinced there was no third-party involvement, but there was a very clear image that showed Mr Bona was alone at the time.

“His mother was concerned that others might have been involved, people from his workplace, and alleged that incidents had occurred there, allegations of bullying, but these were found not to be true.

“She also thought something might have been happening at the local pub.”

Mr Woolley told the inquest that police had followed up on these claims, visiting the pub and speaking with the landlady, who said Mr Bona was a private person, who would come and have a few pints on a Friday at 3pm, wouldn’t really speak to anyone but would sometimes ask for the cricket to be put on the TV.

Mr Woolley added: “His mum also suggested that some of the allegations she was making could be found on his mobile phone and laptop, but upon examination we found nothing untoward.

“From the investigation we found this was a deliberate act, the train was travelling at 50mph and had no chance of stopping.”

The inquest heard that no note had been left by Mr Bona, and Mr Taylor said upon the evidence provided there could be no alternative explanation, and that the 27-year-old had intended to end his own life.

Mr Taylor concluded: “Mr Bona, of Fenwick Street, Burnley, died on October 12 as a result of injuries sustained when he jumped in front of and was struck by a train.

“I record a conclusion of suicide.”

If you have been affected by this article, or are struggling with your mental health, you can contact the Samaritans free on 116123.