Officers have said that they have witnessed youths from different households mixing with each other in a street in an East Lancashire town and have had to hand out eight Covid fines for an illegal house party.

Police in Pendle said that over the last week, youths were spotted in Every Street in Nelson, disobeying coronavirus and lockdown rules.

A team of the force's PCSOs also witnessed a group of people playing football; people not wearing masks in takeaways, shops and butchers; and groups of teens smoking cannabis in Brierfield.

The officers said they'd also had to deal with a house party where eight Covid fines were issued; people mixing households while out in their cars; and a number of uninsured vehicles speeding on the borough's roads. 

Under current lockdown rules, people from different households are prohibited from mixing with one another, and people are advised to only leave their homes for exercise or to buy essential items, or to travel to work if they cannot work from home.

A spokesperson for the police said: "Over the last week PCSO’s Pinder, Waterworth and Shak have been out in areas of Brierfield and Nelson.

"We would like to thank the community as 99 per cent of you are helping to protect the NHS and those that are vulnerable by following the guidelines.

"Some of the things the three of us have come across last week are as follows:

  • Group of people from different addresses
  • A house party issuing fines to eight people
  • Numerous times we have seen people mixing households in cars.
  • A small group of people playing football
  • People not wearing masks in the local takeaway, shop or butchers.
  • Group of youths smoking cannabis off Woodfield Terrace, Chapel Street, Sackville Street and the train station in Brierfield.
  • A number of uninsured vehicles speeding
  • Every Street Nelson – youths mixing households
  • Helping individuals with foodbanks

"Sadly whilst on our patrols there are a small minority who are not following the advice.

"Ultimately, we are in this together, we all have families too and have not seen them likewise.

"We do not wish to issue fines but will do so for those few who continue with this kind of behaviour.

"To parents out there please monitor your children and know where they are because if they are under 18-years-old and found to be breaking current government guidelines, then the responsibility and fine will be issued to the parents instead of your child."