ALL key witnesses in the Alison McBlain murder trial have now given evidence in court.

On Tuesday, Kaylib Connolly, the 19-year-old defendant who was driving the car that hit the 36-year-old Blackburn mum on the night of November 19 2019, left the stand after three days of cross-examination.

At the end of January, a youth defendant in the case told the court that the day before Alison was killed, Connolly had needed to pump-up a tyre on the Punto, as it had a slow puncture.

And on Tuesday, a new witness for the defence was brought to Preston Crown Court and told the jury he had let Connolly borrow a bike pump from him, which Connolly then returned within 30 minutes.

It is believed this exchange took place the day before Alison was killed.

Michael McNeil gave evidence from a separate room and was asked about whether he owned a bicycle pump.

He was also asked if he knew Connolly, to which he replied 'no', but knew him as a passer-by from the local area.

Mr McNeil said: "He asked me if he could borrow a bike pump, and I said yes he could, and that he would bring it back.

"Yes, he borrowed it and brought it back within half an hour."

Connolly maintains that he did not mean to press the accelerator, and what he did was purely accidental and all the occupants of the car were shocked as the incident was genuinely unintentional.