UPDATE: All roads are now passable, but drivers are still being advised to travel with caution

Motorists are being advised to only drive if necessary as heavy snow made a main road almost impassable on Tuesday morning.

People living in Cliviger said the area around Mount Lane, Red Lees Road and Burnley Road was virtually snow-logged from around 7am, with many saying not to bother trying to travel down the hill from the Fighting Cocks Italian Restaurant.

Posting on social media at around 8am on Tuesday, Emily Walsh said: "Snow drifts down the hill after Ninos (The Fighting Cocks).

"There's no point even trying to get down the hill to Mount Lane."

Another social media user said: "Cars stuck on Burnley Road at the bottom of Cliviger where Red Lees Road meets."

While another resident commented: "Looks like there's a snow drift, top of the hill on Red Lees Road, through Overtown heading up to Ninos.

"I think there's a car and one or two vans stuck/abandoned there.

"Don't think there's any buses either."

Lancashire Telegraph:

Another person said delivery drivers making grocery drop-offs were stuck in traffic at Mount Zion chapel, while Burnley Road was completely grid-locked at around 9am.

There has been an Amber weather warning for snow issued for many parts of East Lancashire throughout Tuesday, and people are being warned only to travel if completely necessary.