A WOMAN is trying to bring home her dad who is stuck in a Chinese hospital.

Clarets fan Mark Poole moved to China several years ago to pursue a career in teaching.

But shortly before Christmas the 56-year-old was taken to hospital after having a severe seizure which left him in a coma.

While his treatment so far has been covered by health insurance, Mr Poole’s daughter Danielle says the family want to get him back home to help care for him as currently they are paying £500 a day for someone to go into the hospital to feed and wash him because nursing care is not provided by the hospital.

The 32-year-old daughter said: “It was around October 10 when we found out that he had a seizure.

“Basically he was moving from one school to another and the people who were helping him with the move found him in mid-seizure.

“He was in hospital and got a severe lung infection and ended up in a coma and he has recovered but that has been covered by his health insurance. In China you have to pay for food, hygiene, and gowns and everything.

“It has meant we had to pay between £300 to £500 per day for someone to go in to care for him.

“So we have heard he is making good progress but we are stuck in limbo as we rely on other people to tell us about him.

“We want to get him home here as we want to investigate what has caused it and he cannot stay in hospital as his health insurance is maxed out.

“I want him home, he is my dad and we love him so much. I cannot bear to think about him in hospital in China and we cannot make sure he has his family around him.

“We are very lucky as the recruitment firm who got him the job have been going in to see him and the Foreign Office have been visiting too but it not the same when his family cannot be there.

“It was his dream to go out there to teach and he was teaching the pupils about Burnley songs as he is a massive Clarets fan.”

The family have launched a GoFundMe appeal to raise £90k to try to get him back to UK shores but their bid has been affected by coronavirus.

Danielle said: “We have been affected by Covid as normally there is one direct flight but he would have to go to Hong Kong then Germany then England.

“But they need to have a nurse there for each part of the trip and they too must stay in that country and self-isolate for 10 days which drives the cost up.

“We have had people saying it is extortionate amount of money to pay but it is what we have been told that we need through the Foreign Office.

“We also need to get some paperwork signed to say that it can happen before that too.

“We just want to be there to give him moral support and company. I don’t think he will be able to live there if he was to get out as he would need help.

“My grandma Pat (Judge) just wants to get him back and my grandad Stephen Judge has been a massive support during the whole thing too.”

More than £6,000 has been raised. If you would like to donate visit: https://www.gofundme.com and search for 'help bring my dad home'.