NELSON'S neighbourhood policing team have appealed for people to follow coronavirus restrictions after discovering several breaches in Brierfield.

Officers had been patrolling the areas around Sackville Street, Chapel Street, Clitheroe Road, Woodfield Terrace, Heyhead Park and the Rugby Club over Saturday evening when they discovered several groups of people of more than two.

The groups had been waiting for friends and in one case smoking cannabis.

A police spokesperson said: "We continue to thank all residents and businesses for helping and adhering to the current Covid restrictions which understandably is a very difficult time for us all.

"We are all in this together and have been impacted as a community however there are some of the youths who don’t think the rules apply to them and continue to breach the rules so please be warned, if you do not follow the advice action will be taken against you.

"To some of the parents please make sure you know where your children are.

"We are in national lockdown and should not be meeting friends, these rules apply to everyone.

"People are off school, college and furlough to stay home, not to be in parks or back streets gathering with friends.

"If you get a knock please do not be surprised."