DEPOT buildings at an East Lancashire crematorium and graveyard are to be given a new eco-friendly look.

Hyndburn Council wants to upgrade 40-year-old buildings at the service yard of Accrington Cemetery on Burnley Road.

It has applied for planning permission to knock down the existing ones and replace them with 'greener' ones.

The council is seeking formal approval for the 'demolition of existing buildings and erection of new welfare and equipment storage building and erection of fence'.

A Hyndburn Council spokeswoman said: “The current depot facilities at Accrington Cemetery are more than 40 years old and an upgrade will be welcomed by all who use them.

"If plans are approved, the site will be modernised. Security will be enhanced with new fencing and new storage for equipment.

"Through this development there will also be the opportunity to have a more energy efficient building and use sustainable energy, something which is key in our ambition as a council to be net carbon-zero by 2030.”