A LANCASHIRE-based health liquid company is aiming to expand into America after tripling revenues over the last year.

YourZooki, headquartered in Preston and founded by Marcus Mollinga and Jack Morrison, specialises in vitamins, oils and capsules, which are stocked in national retailers including Holland and Barrett, Boots, Planet Organic, Wholefoods, Selfridges and Harrods and are already sold in 26 countries worldwide.

Now the company has also secured a £1.25 million funding package from the Rosebud Fund, managed by GC Business Finance on behalf of Lancashire County Council, and hopes that this marks the next stage in its ambitious development plans.

YourZooki co-founder Marcus Mollinga said: “People are becoming more educated and are looking for more innovative and effective ways of taking supplements that do more than commodity style pills, capsules and powder, a gap that YourZooki fits perfectly.

“We have already seen huge appetite both in store and online and are well positioned to scale quickly in the USA.”

The company says that the investment has helped it to increase warehouse capabilities and invest in new product development.

As such, Mr Mollinga and Mr Morrison say that 2021 will see a number of new product launches that will be quickly rolled out into nationwide retail networks in both the UK and US, with expansion planned in its Collagen, Vitamin D3 and Probiotics ranges.

The American expansion meanwhile has been boosted with a partnership with the GNC (General Nutrition Centre), the world’s biggest specialist supplement retailer with over 6500 stores globally.

Mr Mollinga said: “This has already generated traction, with a nationwide partnership with GNC, and with new listings on the horizon, we’re projected to quadruple turnover again next year.

“2021 is set to be a very exciting year for the business, as we continue to innovate our product range, grow our talented team and expand our footprint globally.”

To find out more, go to: https://yourzooki.com/.