A BLACKBURN pet food company has teamed up with The Cinnamon Trust charity to support volunteers who help elderly dog owners care for their pets.

Webbox hopes that this initiative will address a shortage of dog walking volunteers in the area and help to ensure that elderly people and their dogs are not separated.

Webbox senior brand manager Camille Ashforth said: “COVID-19 has made us more aware than ever about those around us, and how they may be struggling.

“Community initiatives are cropping up at a fantastic rate, so we thought we would team up with The Cinnamon Trust to start the hardly–talked about topic of elderly pet care.

“We, just like the trust, want to make sure that elderly pet owners are kept with their dogs for as long as possible.

“This contribution to the volunteers in Lancashire acts as a huge thank you for their efforts in keeping these relations united, especially as we near what will be a very isolated Christmas for most.”

To support the charity, Webbox has supplied volunteers with a supporting bundle including a variety of pet treats toys, to pass onto the dogs they help to look after.

They are also providing volunteers with reflective LED armbands to promote safety when walking in the dark.

The Cinnamon Trust hopes that this can help their volunteers as they work to preserve the bonds between owners and their pets.

Already there are almost 500 volunteers across Lancashire who take pets on regular walks, something that our elderly pet owners can often struggle with.

Pets can be temporarily fostered if the owner is unable to care for them whilst they are in hospital and the trust also provides long-term care to pets owners who have died.

However, more volunteers are still required to help this work continue and expand.

Cinnamon Trust head of community service Patrick Williams said: “Our volunteers truly are fantastic, so it’s great to be able to treat them, and their pets in this way.

“Our volunteers build a magical bond with the pets and owners that they support, so we hope that these additional gifts from Webbox will help strengthen that relationship.”

Anyone interested in becoming a volunteer should call 01736 758701 and speak to the Cinnamon Trust appeals team or email appeals@cinnamon.org.uk.