INCIDENTS of robbery, burglary, public order and assault were just some of the jobs officers were called out on during a busy night shift. 

Bad weather across the county on Tuesday night also meant officers in Burnley and Rossendale were dealing with several road traffic accidents as temperatures plummeted, creating sheets of ice and difficult driving conditions. 

A spokesman said: "We dealt with several road traffic collisions, and missing people. In terms of crime, we have arrested one male for burglary and other offences in Lowerhouse area. 

"One male in Rossendale on suspicion of robbery, one male in Burnley for public order offences, and one male for assault. All in all, a busy shift. 

"Many thanks to those of you who have assisted us tonight at the road traffic collision in Sabden in particular. It was very cold, and the road surface very treacherous."