Former England cricket captain, Michael Vaughan, wants to remind people that, “the fitter you are, the more chance you have of survival.”

During the first lockdown, the reduction in driving saw cycling increase by up to 300 per cent. And, while the healthiest place to cycle is in the clean air of the countryside the problem is, such roads are narrow and have a 60mph speed limit.

Just as significant numbers of people ignore Covid rules, significant numbers of drivers ignore the fact that speed limits are maximum, not minimum, not least delivery drivers - the faster they drive, the more they earn!

It needs to be recognised that speeding harms lives, the NHS and nature.

In ‘Dancing on Thin Ice with Torvill and Dean’, the former champion ice dancers travelled to Alaska, where they were told, “Alaska is warming twice as fast as the rest of the world.”

In effect, just as London is the epicentre of the current UK rise in Covid cases, Alaska is the epicentre of global warming. Accordingly, wouldn’t it be wise to see that, much like the spread of Covid, nature has the power to drive global temperatures way beyond our control?

While Covid mainly kills people in poor health, (survival of the fittest), global warming could kill everyone.

Therefore, with a view to making the UK the cleanest, fittest nation on Earth, and halting global warming, might Boris Johnson recognise that eradicating the world of speeding drivers is as essential as eradicating Covid? The reality is, from bacteria, to sport, to satellites, success relies on precision.

Allan Ramsey