POLICE are warning people about the dangers of laughing gas after finding a large box and ruck sack containing cannisters in Ribble Valley.

Neighbourhood officers from Ribble Valley attended a site in Whalley on Saturday after receiving reports of a vehicle being unloaded by people and then leaving the area.

A police spokesman said: "After a quick area search by officers they found a large box and ruck sack containing a large amount of Nitrous Oxide canisters.

"Nitrous Oxide also known as laughing gas is classed as Psychoactive substance that can be very harmful in the wrong hands, if inhaled directly from the canister is can cause the throat muscles to spasm and if not treated quickly can cause unconsciousness or death.

"The Psychoactive Substance Act 2016 has made it illegal for anyone to sell nitrous oxide for human consumption.

"We will making further enquiries to trace the vehicle in question but if anyone wants to speak with us about such incidents can call 101."