THE ‘devastated’ family of a Blackburn businessman who was shot dead in Pakistan are determined to make sure his legacy lives on a year after his death.

Jahangir Hussain ran a takeaway in Rawtenstall with his brother Qadeer but he died after he was attacked in Jhelum on January 9.

Mr Hussain still has a family home in Blackburn but more recently cared for his mother in the Punjab.

The 29-year-old was attacked as he left his mother’s home and she was also shot but survived the attack.

Jahangir's sister Nazia Kausar and brother Qadeer Hussain have told how they are still having sleepless nights thinking about the former Blackburn College student.

Qadeer said: “It is terrible at the minute and I am missing him every day for whatever reason as every little thing brings back memories.

“He was a strong ally and would never say anything bad about anybody.

“Since it happened, I cannot sleep, maybe getting one or two hours, and have had to get sleeping pills to try to help. We are just devastated.”

On the anniversary of his death, Nazia’s cousin in Pakistan visited his grave as the UK family have been unable to fly out because of coronavirus restrictions.

Nazia said: “They are going to visiting his grave and video call us so we can talk to him.

“It has been so hard. I have put all his voice mails on my laptop so I can still hear his voice.

“He was my younger brother but he was like my son.

“When I was over in Pakistan to see where he was buried I booked a slot in a grave so I could be beside him.

“I miss him so much and I just cannot wait to be with him again."

Jahangir was due to get married in March this year but the family have taken the decision to use money raised for the wedding toward good causes.

Qadeer, 40, said: “We are going to be giving money to the poor people in Pakistan.

“There are going to be given some meals, a tent and somewhere for them to stay then some meals for an elderly home and then food for local orphans.

“We have some wheelchairs for the local hospital.

“We are looking to give something to his legacy as he was such a caring person.

“I remember when he was at Blackburn College, we were about to celebrate Eid and we went to get some new shoes and I gave him £50. He saw a woman with a child in the street and they were homeless.

“We went to the shop and he said he would just use his old shoes because he had given the money to the woman. That was the kind of person he was."

Nazia added: “We are asking people to pray for Jahangir. In our religion we are told that if you pass on good deeds to other people when someone dies then they receive it where they are now.”

It is believed that Jahangir was killed over a property dispute and his mum Tasneen Kausar is still living in Pakistan.

Qadeer added: “We are still waiting for an outcome on the court case which has been delayed because of Covid.

“My mum is still out there and she is in a very critical situation since lockdown as she is having traumas over what happened.

"We video call her and help her but we hope that we may be able to get her over here.”