ONE OF Lancashire's biggest logistics companies is using its lorries to support coronavirus relief efforts.

Fagan & Whalley, based in Burnley, have been helping to deviver food parcels to those most in need since Christmas Eve, with many of its employees looking to continue this work into the new year.

They gave been working alongside Burnley Together, a community project that was set up in the early stages of the pandemic last year.

Fagan & Whalley human resources manager Emma Wearden said: “Burnley Together is all about supporting the most hard-to-reach and vulnerable members of our community, and sharing our resources to ensure no one is left behind.

“It’s been described as a bit of a one-stop shop, which has been set up with lots of different partners in the Burnley area, who are all pulling together to achieve one goal and provide support in any form that’s needed, whether that be in parcels from food banks, prescription deliveries, community meals, or even in mental health support."

As well as the company, Burnley Together is also partnered with a range of public and private sector organisations including Burnley Council, Burnley FC and Burnley Police.

The group also brings together community and voluntary organisations from the town who have used their expertise to great effect.

Ms Wearden said: “Although the project was launched in direct response to the complications caused by the pandemic, it is one with long-term goals, and we’re really happy to be involved.

"There are still lots of vulnerable people in the community who need help, and Burnley Together will have an important part to play in responding to any upcoming challenges we might face."

The company intents to continue doing what it can, which has become yet more crucial with the re-imposition of national lockdown restrictions this week, while Burnley Together is continuing to seek out new partners.

Ms Wearden said: "We’ve also had donation bins on-site at Albion House, Site One and our warehouse facility, and we’ve been really pleased to see staff members giving so enthusiastically to the cause.”

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