A takeaway owner says he has been left with no gas or water after a row with his neighbour.

Hasan Mohammed, who runs Zaytoon based at 92 Blackburn Road, Accrington has been without water or gas since Boxing Day. This, he says is despite him having paid his rent and having received confirmation that the meter is actually registered at his property.

Two takeaways on Blackburn Road share a gas meter which is located at number 94 due to the property, owned by the same landlord, being split.

Hasan says his business was shut in the autumn and reopened in December but he is being asked to pay his share of the gas for period he was closed.

The landlord said he was aware of the issue and was ‘trying to help’ but could not confirm when the utilities would be available to the property. He also confirmed that Mr Mohammed has been paying his rent.

Zaytoon owner Mr Mohammed moved into the property in March and says that on Boxing Day the gas and water was switched off allegedly by another takeaway – Munchies which is based at 94 Accrington Road.

The manager at Munchies disputed this saying he had done ‘nothing wrong’ and said the bill was in his name and sent to him. He also said gas would be turned on when ‘bills were paid’.

Hasan of Zaytoon said: “I’m unable to operate and my business has since suffered significantly.

“The gas supply belongs to my premises according to National Grid.

“I don't know who to turn to sort this matter. The landlord surely has a legal duty to provide me with gas supply and hot water as I am renting a hot food takeaway from him.

“I’m in need of urgent help as my life and my family life is severely affected. I’m about to lose everything. I have always paid my rent and I do not have a penny outstanding."

He said he was told that he owed £677 for the gas. “This is just wrong as I was closed for several months and did not earn anything. This whole thing seems completely unfair.”

The landlord Mohammed Altaf said he had been attempting to assist the tenant.

Rashid Mohammed runs Munchies next door. He said: “I am just trying to run my own business and not interfere in anyone else’s. I have not done anything. I don’t really think any of this is my responsibility. I bought the business in September and the problem here is between him and the landlord.”

Rashid said he was willing assist his neighbour but said there was a dispute over the bill payments. “If you want gas then you have to pay for the bills. I have happy to help in any way I can as long as people are reasonable. I would not want to take any income away from anyone as I know it I hard in the present climate.”

Hasan said he had contacted MP Sara Britcliffe.

Ms Britcliffe said: "I was really sorry to hear of the difficulties which Mr Mohammed has been facing. I will do everything I can to resolve the problems."