A GROUP of people have been captured on CCTV emptying a grit bin just hours after it was refilled.

Blackburn with Darwen Councils road department said they have captured the incident and have tracked where the grit was taken to.

They are now appealing to residents in the borough to send in any evidence they may have of salt bins being completely emptied in a similar way.

On social media, a spokesperson for the council said: "We have received evidence of a grit bin being completely emptied by one party despite being refilled a matter of hours earlier. We have the incident captured on CCTV and we know the location the grit was taken to, which will be followed up by the council and the police in due course.

"We are seeing similar scenarios across the borough and would ask residents to message us with any evidence of salt bins being emptied in this manner.

"We will not tolerate theft from salt bins and instances will be reported to the police. Please can we further remind everyone that grit bins are a valuable community resource to assist in clearing hazards on the roads during the winter months.

"Thefts from salt bins leave communities without this resource which benefit the many, not just the few who decide to take it for personal use."

"For those wanting their own personal supply of rock salt, please visit your local builders merchants who should have a good stock of rock salt in prepacked bags.

"Alternately good old table salt that you may have stored in your kitchen cupboards will also assist for clearance of ice/snow."