ACCRINGTON-based Bensons for Beds is offering is stores as vaccination centres as the national roll out of the coronavirus vaccine gathers pace.

The company has also increased its capacity for virtual appointments since having to temporarily close its branches after the most recent lockdown was announced.

While production has continued at the company’s Huntingdon facility and deliveries will continue with strict safety measures in place, Bensons believes that vaccination centres would be the perfect use to put currently empty stores to and have written to the UK government as well as the devolved governments in Scotland and Wales.

Chief operating officer Joe Wykes said: “While these are difficult circumstances for so-called non-essential retailers, we’re working hard to maintain our operations for customers who need us.

“But while we’re disappointed to close all our stores once more, we think they could be put to good use.

“That’s why we’ve today asked the government to consider local Bensons stores as vaccination centres should the need arise.”

Bensons has had to close the 39 stores it had operating in Tier 2 and 3 areas after the new lockdown rules came into effect this week but has been able to continue production despite the difficulties posed to supply chains.

The company also says that it hopes people will remember the importance of healthy sleeping patterns, especially under such stressful circumstances and if offering sleep consultations to customers via video calls along with a revamped website to make ordering from home easier.

Meanwhile Bensons also hopes this will allow customers to continue to take advantage of it 20 per cent off January offer for selected matrasses and pieces of bedroom furniture.

Mr Wykes said: “While we understand the disruption to people’s lives, there’s significant medical evidence that the efficacy of vaccines is greatly enhanced when people are sleeping well.

We would also encourage people to consider making good sleeping habits one of their new year resolutions.

“Sleep is an essential service and vital to the health of the nation.”

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