A CAR deliberately mounted a kerb and struck a 36-year-old woman knocking her 13 metres and causing fatal injuries, a murder trial was told.

Alison McBlain was walking with her friend, Christian Rivers in King Street, Blackburn, when they were hit by a Fiat Punto, driven at them in revenge over some stolen drugs, a court heard.

Mr Rivers survived the collision but Ms McBlain died in hospital two days later.

Following extensive police investigations, six people were charged with her murder and the attempted murder of Mr Rivers.

Joshua Titterington, 26, of Scotland Bank Terrace, Blackburn; Dean Tarim Qayum, 20, of Patterdale Avenue, Blackburn; a 16-year-old boy who cannot be named for legal reasons; Kaylib Connolly, 18, of Ivy Street, Blackburn; Karis Poynton, 27, of Whalley Road; and Jon Paul Chatwood, 25, of Walsh Street, Blackburn, deny murdering Ms McBlain and attempting to murder Mr Rivers on Tuesday November 19, 2019.

During the first day of proceedings at Preston Crown Court a jury of 14 people heard that the day before, Ms McBlain and Mr Rivers, who were both known drug users, had contacted a group of dealers, Chatwood, Connolly and Qayum, via a phone line called the ‘Bully’ line.

Lancashire Telegraph: Alison McBlain was killed in November 2019 after being hit by a car in Blackburn. Images from the scene of the incident.

Prosecuting, Timothy Cray QC, told the court that the pair had ordered £60 worth of crack and heroin and were due to collect it from one of the Bully line operators.

Mr Cray said: “They had no intention of paying for the drugs, and Mr Rivers admits that he stole the drugs from the dealers.

“The person he stole them from was Connolly, who was doing the deliveries that night.

“Almost immediately Connolly rang Chatwood to tell him what had happened.

“For drug dealers, thefts like this are a serious problem. It is not so much the loss of the cash as the loss of prestige or respect.

“Given that drug dealing is a dirty business and the customers are desperate people, the dealers cannot afford to show weakness. Therefore thefts like this can be punished with violence – everyone knows the rules of the game.

“The evidence shows that this sort of reaction is exactly what happened here.

Lancashire Telegraph: Alison McBlain was killed in November 2019 after being hit by a car in Blackburn.

 “On the Monday night and into the Tuesday, there was evidence from multiple sources that the Bully line dealers and their mates were looking for Christian and Alison and they were going to get badly hurt for what they had done.”

The court heard that following the theft, Poynton, also a known drug dealer, had been offered a steady supply of drugs in return for information on the whereabouts of Ms McBlain and Mr Rivers.

On Tuesday, Poynton spotted the pair walking close to King Street and contacted the Bully line to relay this information.

Mr Cray QC added: “The information got an immediate response. On the night, the Punto was manned with a driver and three passengers.

“This was a bigger crew than would typically be needed to do regular drug supply and we suggest this was an attack party.

“The people on board knew that the mission was to find Christian and Alison to carry out a revenge attack for their theft the night before.

“The Crown’s case is that the driver was Connolly, the front seat passenger was Qayum and the rear seat passengers were Titterington and the youth.”

Following the tip-off from Poynton, the court heard that the Punto was driven to King Street, where Mr Rivers and Ms McBlain were seen in Stonyhurst Road.

Lancashire Telegraph:

CCTV shown to the jury showed that as they crossed King Street, the Punto switched its headlights off and drove at them mounting the pavement.

Mr Rivers was thrown off to the side, but Ms McBlain was thrown up onto the windscreen.

A scene collision investigator estimated she was then flung forward 13 metres before hitting the pavement.

The court was told the Punto was then driven off before a poor attempt was made to set it alight.

However, the fire burnt itself out and when the vehicle was later found by police, DNA evidence was recovered which helped them identify the suspects.

Mr Cray said “This was a planned revenge attack, where the participants knew from the Tuesday night that Christian and Alison were to be targeted, and were saying that the victims would be killed or suffer serious harm.

“The attack was ruthlessly executed by the occupants of the car and their acts before, during and after the killing prove that they had a common aim and that they acted together.

“The evidence also shows that the defendants who were not present shared the intent of the killers who were present, and that they assisted in carrying out the plan.

“Chatwood was the organiser of the attack and directed the other men.

“Poynton provided the tip off to the attackers, knowing full well what this would lead to for Christian and Alison.”

The trial will continue on Tuesday morning when the prosecution will call Mr Rivers as its first witness.