AN MP has ‘fully backed’ the Lancashire Telegraph’s drive to clean up the county.

Hyndburn’s Sara Britcliffe has pledged to do all she can to support our ‘We Love Lancashire’ campaign dedicated to tackling the fly-tippers who despoil local streets, green spaces and beauty spots.

The 25-year-old Conservative backbencher, elected in December 2019, has been a regular on litter picks both as a councillor and as an MP and is now to take up the campaign's aims at Westminster.

It calls for tougher penalties for the worst fly-tipping offenders and more cash for councils to tackle rubbish dumping hotspots and urges readers to join local litter picking organisations.

She helped set up the Hyndburn Environmental Action Group early last year and has been on clean ups across her constituency including in Woodnook Accrington, on White Ash playing fields and Platts Lodge.

Miss Britcliffe, who was also involved in a November move to call on Hyndburn Council to take a ‘zero tolerance’ attitude to fly-tipping, said: “I fully support the Lancashire Telegraph’s We Love Lancashire campaign.

“Fly-tipping and rubbish still blight too many areas of East Lancashire.

Lancashire Telegraph:

“Both as a St Andrew’s councillor in Oswaldtwistle and as an MP I have worked hard on this issue and taken part in litter picks and clean ups.

“Early last year I helped set up the Hyndburn Environmental Action Group. 

"We have conducted a number of operations including at White Ash playing fields but these were obviously curtailed by the coronavirus restrictions.

“It plans to step up its activities this year and conduct more litter picks and clean ups.

“I shall be lobbying government ministers for tougher penalties for fly-tipping and for extra funding for councils to spend on the issue provided it can only be spent for that purpose.

“This is an issue I have already raised with government.

“In addition I shall be stepping up my efforts to press Hyndburn Council to take tougher action against the fly-tippers whose actions blight the borough.

“I would also urge my constituents and Lancashire Telegraph readers to join and take part in local litter picking groups and do their own bit to clean up their local environment.

“They can also help by reporting fly-tipping to the council and providing evidence so those responsible can be prosecuted.

“This campaign highlights a key issue for people and the environment in East Lancashire.”