AN AMBULANCE with a patient on board was stuck on Pendle Hill today by snowy weather and an excess of people and vehicles blocking the way.

The ambulance was eventually guided through the area by Lancashire County Council gritters and Colne and West Craven Police are now warning the public to stay away from the area.

The area is also currently under tier 4 coronavirus restrictions, meaning that people may leave the home to visit members of their support bubble, to provide childcare, exercise or for medical reasons but are otherwise encouraged to stay at home.

A police spokesperson said: "We are strongly urging people to stay away from Pendle Hill area with the weather conditions as they are.

"Today, an Ambulance got stuck in the area with a patient on board because of the sheer volume of people/vehicles in the area blocking access for emergency services."

They added: "One last thing, before you decide to go sledging, make sure you stay off private land so you are not trespassing.

"Please have respect for the locals and farmers."