FIVE years after devastating floods a planning application has been submitted to reduce the risk of a repeat in an East Lancashire village.

The Environment Agency has created a flood alleviation scheme which includes a flood bund at the back of Station Yard, Colne Road in Earby.

The application said: “Earby Beck has suffered a number of flood events most recently in September 2016, December 2015 and July 2007.

“Flooding in the area is primarily the result of out of bank fluvial flows interacting with surface water run-off and exceedance flows from the below ground drainage system. The nature of the catchment upstream of Earby Beck also results in inadequate flood warning times for residents.”

The scheme would strength the village’s resilience to flooding by reducing the risk of flooding to infrastructure, transport links, utilities.

It added: “In conclusion, the proposed development responds to an identified need for flood alleviation works within Earby and the proposed works form part of the wider flood alleviation scheme."

Cllr David Whipp, deputy leader of Pendle Council, said: “More than half of the funding for the scheme, over £600,000 of European money, has been sat waiting for the past two years, so it’s great that work will get under way in the next few months.

“I’m hoping we don’t have another flood in Earby in the meantime.

“After this phase of work, the most expensive flood alleviation project in the town, which will help protect Water Street, remains to be done.

“With colleagues at Pendle Council, I’m working hard to get funding for this critical work.

“The plans in the immediate pipeline involve a new flood wall alongside New Cut which will reduce risk of flooding in the Boot Street area and earthworks which will cut flood risk in the Lane Ends area of Skipton Road.”