A councillor has branded sledgers and walkers 'selfish' after images emerged showing hundreds of cars parked dangerously on icy country roads.

Pictures sent to the Lancashire Telegraph show cars parked on the footpaths and pavements on both the Grane Road near Haslingden and Tockholes Road in Tockholes, some actually obstructing the road, as people headed outdoors to make the most of the New Year's Eve and New Year's Day snow.

Helmshore Ward Councillor for Rossendale Borough Council, Cllr David Stansfield, said even though people were parked in order to have fun and go sledging and enjoy the outdoors, they were being 'selfish' and were failing to consider the safety of others.

Lancashire Telegraph: Cars parked bumper to bumper close to the Royal Arms in TockholesCars parked bumper to bumper close to the Royal Arms in Tockholes

He said: "If they park on the footpath or on the road, especially on the Grane Road, then the police should be there in my opinion.

"The police should be doing something about it as it is a dangerous road and people have been killed on there and there will probably be more people killed on there.

"For these people to park there, they should have some sense to think about others.

"I know everyone wants to enjoy themselves and celebrate the New Year and we've had some snow and I understand that, but this could cause problems."

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Cllr Stansfield said even though he is not against people having fun and getting out of the house on New Year's Day for some exercise, he thinks those who want to do so should be sensible and consider the safety of pedestrians and other motorists first.

Lancashire Telegraph: Cars parked bumper to bumper on the Grane Road Cars parked bumper to bumper on the Grane Road

He added: "I am not a killjoy but at the end of the day it's about being safe and not selfish.

"These people are not looking at the safety aspect of this at all.

"I think some common sense needs to be used; park sensibly but most of all do not park on the Grane Road."

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Similar scenes were witnessed in Tockholes close to the Royal Arms pub, with one reader sending a photo of numerous cars parked bumper to bumper from the Royal Arms Pub on Tockholes Road to Belmont Road.

The reader said: "The village is overrun from the Royal Arms to Belmont Road.

"We are supposed to be in Tier 4!"

Under Tier 4 restrictions, people are allowed to leave the house for exercise but it should be done locally wherever possible.

However people can travel a short distance within a Tier 4 area to exercise if necessary, such as visiting open spaces.