PUB owners made a three-course Christmas Day dinner for more than 40 people in their community, who otherwise would not have had one.

The Buck Country Pub in Clitheroe launched a fundraiser to give back to a community who supported them over a difficult year for the hospitality industry.

Over 30 people donated money which, after being matched by owners Rachael and Steve Carroll, raised enough to distribute 42 meals across Clitheroe.

Rachael and Steve said: "This year because we are unable to open we decided to turn a negative into something positive, when having a conversation with our friend Brenda from the Salvation Army.

"We decided that it would be a great idea if we could help in some way, shape or form. Our wonderful staff volunteered their services so we decided that we would ask people to make a donation and we would match it.

"So we provided free, three-course meals for those who would generally not get Christmas dinner."

The meals were delivered to people who have been receiving assistance from the Salvation Army throughout the year and were gratefully received.

Elizabeth and Brenda, from the Salvation Army, delivered the food packages around Clitheroe on Christmas Eve alongside some of the other volunteers from the charity.

Rachael and Steve said that despite struggles this year, they still wanted to give something back to the community in whatever way they could.

They continued: "We cannot possibly imagine how someone could go hungry on a day that is supposed to be filled with goodwill and cheer.

"We couldn't help everyone, but everyone can help someone, get involved. Small acts of kindness make a big difference.

"So thank you to everybody who donated your kindness puts our faith back in humanity."

Elizabeth and Brenda from Clitheroe Salvation Army said: "This Christmas we were so disappointed at not being able to provide our usual Christmas Day meal and party for people who live alone, or who have no family nearby.

"For the past 17 years we have opened our doors to people of all ages, single young men, lone parents and their children, and the precious older generation.

"We cannot thank you enough Rachael and Staff for the effort you put in to fill the gap, and to those who contributed financially, to bring joy to others."