A drunk man has been knocking on doors pretending to be an off duty police officer.

Police in Nelson issued a warning on Tuesday night to make people aware that the man, who was dressed all in black and wearing a black face mask, was trying to gain entry to a house on Beaufort Street.

The incident took place at around 5.40pm.

Officers in the area are now asking people to request identification from anyone alleging to be an off duty police officer.

A spokesperson for the police said: "Please be aware of a male knocking at addresses in the Nelson area alleging to be an off duty police officer.

"At around 5.40pm on Tuesday a male has attended an address in the Beaufort Street area of Nelson.

"He was intoxicated and falsely claiming to be police officer in order to gain entry to the address.

"Please be vigilant and, on the off chance that someone does allege to be an off duty police officer, request official identification before opening the door, or call us on 101.

"The male was a white male, dressed all in black with a black face mask but enquiries are ongoing in relation to obtaining images or a better description."