Teenage vandals who have been wreaking havoc at an East Lancashire train station could end up in court.

The latest warning from the British Transport Police (BTP) comes after patrols were increased at Clitheroe station following a recent spate of anti-social behaviour.

Police presence was also upped at Blackpool South station after reports of similar incidents.

Officers are now warning those responsible to think of the consequences and are appealing to parents and carers to warn children and young people of the dangers of trespassing on the railway.

BTP's Sgt Jennifer Leach said: “This behaviour and wanton vandalism will not go unchecked - we are increasing our patrols and these include plain clothes officers at the station.

“It won’t be a merry Christmas if we have to knock on your door and present you to your parents with the news you’ve been arrested.

"I’m pretty sure a criminal record and a hefty fine are on no-ones Christmas wishlist.

“Too many times we have seen the tragic consequences of young people ignoring the warnings about trespassing on the railway and taking risks that have resulted in terrible injuries or death, so it’s vital that parents play their part and ensure they know where their children are and what they are up to.

“Some of these incidents are incredibly dangerous - throwing objects onto the tracks or at trains puts both passengers and staff at significant risk, not to mention the thousands of pounds it can cost in repairs to trains and railway infrastructure.

"Railway lines are operational 24 hours a day and trespassing at any time of day can easily prove fatal.

"Please, stay off the tracks.”

Clitheroe town centre under dispersal order this weekend

In December alone, nine reports were received ranging from threats to staff, trespass, criminal damage and stone throwing.

Regional director at Northern, Chris Jackson, said: “It is hard to comprehend that anyone would commit such mindless acts of vandalism.

"Sadly the damage these few people cause is all too real and impacts our customers whose journeys are disrupted as a result.

“We welcome the extra patrols from colleagues at British Transport Police and will continue to work in partnership with them to help bring those responsible to justice.”

Anyone who witnesses trespassing or criminal damage on the railway should contact the BTP by texting 61016 or calling 0800 40 50 40.

If it’s an emergency, always call 999.