A BUILDING firm believes it has the perfect answer to the skills shortage facing the industry with a new young people’s training programme.

Surface Magic Repairs, based in Bolton but which employs people from all over Lancashire, first opened its in-house training centre last month where the company teaches youngsters advanced repair techniques along with all the skills they’ll need for a long and prosperous career in the construction industry.

The company is now rolling out surface repair NVQ courses which it hopes will impart all the skills that managing director Paul Dorning has built up over many years in the industry to staff members the company fondly refers to as ‘magicians.’

Lancashire Telegraph: Creatives: The young team at Surface MagicCreatives: The young team at Surface Magic

Surface Magic's 'Magicians'

Mr Dorning said: “We aren’t content with being the best, we want to be better, we are dedicated to investing in our staff and increasing the amount of new and younger skilled construction workers, we believe as long as we keep learning, investing and recruiting, we will keep growing as business and help contribute to more skilled construction workers in the North West.”

Mr Dorning first founded Surface Magic Repairs after what he describes as a lifelong obsession with fixing things which goes back to his childhood where he would spend hours breaking and then fixing things around the house.

Along with his wife, Mr Dorning decided that the company would use the most up-to-date methods to repair surfaces while also using innovative techniques to ensure that both their own and their clients’ carbon footprints are kept as low as possible.

It is these techniques that the company now hopes younger ‘magicians’ will be able to learn and utilise.

Lancashire Telegraph: Skillset: The company is determined to teach new skills to young peopleSkillset: The company is determined to teach new skills to young people

The company hopes to bring younger people into the industry

The company says that it is now working alongside some of the biggest construction companies, house builders, and hotels in the North West, and is open to young construction workers from all over the region.

To find out more, go to: http://www.surfacemagic.co.uk/.