THESE dogs have been abandoned and need a new home.

Staff from Bleakholt Animal Sanctuary want to rehome these pets and if you can help then please get in touch.

Each of the animals have individual needs and this can be found in their descriptions on our website.

Bleakholt Animal Sanctuary manager Karen Weed said: “Admissions are still coming in during lockdown and whilst we are currently closed and unable to have visitors on site, we will be taking applications for our dogs.”


Gorgeous five year old Shar Pei cross Marlie is looking for a very special home to call his own.

He is very typical of the breed in that he can be wary of strangers but is very loyal and devoted to those he knows.

Marlie is looking for a quiet home without many visitors where he can feel safe and relaxed.

He has had some behavioural training and has done so well. If you give Marlie the time to get to get to know you and show trust you will be rewarded with a loving, intelligent and faithful friend. Marlie would be suited to either a single person or couple but a home without children is a must. He does also need a pet free home.

He does need someone willing to come up on several occasions to meet him and initial meets would just be walks to begin with and not hands on initially. Marlie really does have the potential to be the most amazing companion.

We just need that special home willing to take things slow. Marlie is not suitable for a first time dog owner.


This big daft boy is Pumpkin, he is a 10mth old ABD, we are looking for a home with experience with this breed, he came in as a stray so we don’t have any history on him.

We wouldn’t put Pumpkin in a home with children under 13yrs old due to his size and lack of information about his history with children, he seems very playful around other dogs.

Pumpkin needs some training, basic manners, he will jump up at people, and he does pull on the lead, but with some time, effort and patience Pumpkin will be an amazing family member.

If you think he could be the boy for you please fill in the on line application form, we consider all applications, but we only re-home the dog to which family we feel is the best match for that particular dog.


This young man is Polar he is a ABD, we think he is around 4yrs old, he arrived at Bleakholt as a stray so we don’t have any background on him.

With this in mind we are looking for a home with teenagers (15yrs), he seems good with dogs on a walk but we feel he would be better as the only pet in the home. Polar is loving and likes to be with you, ideally a family home where there is someone around most of the time for him, he can pull on the lead but with time and training this can be corrected.

Polar is very interested in what’s going on around him, so you d need to be prepared for him to just lunge suddenly, but again this with training will get better, Polar has got some skin issues that will need regular treatment.

If you think Polar could be the boy for you please fill in the on-line application form, we look at all the forms but will only get in touch if we feel you could be the right home for Polar.


Dexter is a beautiful nine year old Lab cross Shar-Pei who came to Bleakholt due to a change in his owners circumstances.

He did find a new home but was returned as he nipped the child in the home, this was out of character for Dexter and he was very bonded with the child. Dexter has typical Shar Pei characteristics, he takes well to some people yet dislikes others.

He will need a few slow meets with any potential new home. Once he is bonded with you he is a very loyal, playful and loving boy. Dexter is looking for a new home as the only pet and an adult only home.

He would be more suited to a quiet home without many visitors and he is not suitable for a first time dog owner.