A WOMAN who went to hospital hoping to be sectioned under the Mental Health Act attacked two nurses with a chair when they said they weren't going to admit her.

Blackburn magistrates heard Tiegan Phillips was "calm" when she picked up the chair and started swing at the nurses.

One of them blocked the chair with her arm and believed it would have hit her on the head if she hadn't.

Phillips, 21, of Lime Street, Clitheroe, pleaded guilty to two charges of assaulting an emergency worker and criminal damage to a blood pressure machine. She was jailed for four months after the court was told she had been jailed for three years on October 23 for an offence of robbery.

Andy Robinson, prosecuting, said Phillips was in the triage room at Royal Blackburn Hospital where two nurses were carrying out a mental health assessment. Phillips had recently been released from hospital having spent a few months there.

"She was described as being calm, even when she was told she wasn't being re-admitted," said Mr Robinson.

"She stood up and calmly picked up a chair and hit both nurses with it."

Mark Williams, defending, said it was accepted the only option was an immediate custodial sentence.

"She has a significant history of mental health difficulties and prior to this had been on section in a mental health hospital for four and a half months," said Mr Williams.

"She went to hospital feeling lost and wanted the security of being back in hospital.

"She felt she wasn't being listened to and reacted in a way that was wholly unacceptable," said Mr Williams. "She realises the nurses were just doing their job."