A NEW campaign has been launched to secure the future of three ‘forgotten’ ancient wells.

The Clitheroe Town Wells Working Group began its bid to save the local landmarks in October last year, and showed off a 10-stage action plan created by Clitheroe Civic Society in the summer which was approved by community organisations at a Zoom meeting last month.

However, Clitheroe Town Council is set to vote on whether to back the group and asked that Ribble Valley Council writes to the Land Registry to take responsibility for the wells.

Civic Society chairman Steve Burke said: “They are three of the most significant heritage assets in the civil parish of Clitheroe - and the Ribble Valley district.

“The only older structures within the town are parts of the Parish Church, parts of Edisford Bridge and Clitheroe Castle Keep.

“We know of no other town in England which can make the same claim.

“They are up there in terms of significance in the area for being Grade II-listed and they have been forgotten about.

“We have been trying to saving them for 50 years now and we got close 10 years ago with Ribble Valley and Lancashire County Council wanting to make one of the wells as a part of a flagship project for Clitheroe, but like most things for Clitheroe they don’t happen.

“The main issue is finding ownership of them as the main heritage charities won’t give money unless they have an owner and we don’t so we are trying to get Ribble Valley Council to take ownership.

“It is just like most heritage things, they deteriorate over the years and the mortar is falling out of them," he added.