AN inquest into the death of a 15-year-old boy who suffered a cardiac arrest following a house fire and later died in hospital concluded yesterday.

After hearing all evidence presented to the inquest, held at County Hall, coroner Philip Holden told the court that Mohammed Rehan Hussain, known as Rehan, from Brunel Walk, Blackburn, died from a brain injury due to the cumulative affects of cardiac arrests and smoke inhalation as the result of a fire.

Delivering a narrative conclusion, Mr Holden said: “On the evening of December 1, 2018, Rehan was in his bedroom when a fire was started in the bedroom next to his.

“He was rescued but suffered smoke inhalation and a cardiac arrest and was given CPR.

“He survived and was taken to hospital," he added.

"On December 3 he suffered a further cardiac arrest following the dislodgement of a breathing tube during a head turn.

“He died on December 6 as a result of a hypoxic brain injury as a consequence of the cardiac arrest and the affects of the smoke inhalation.”

Mr Holden also said that in light of the evidence, it was clear the fire had been started deliberately, but it was not possible to say precisely who started it, although it was likely to have been one of the children living in the property.

Rehan was rescued from his house by firefighters, just after 9pm on the evening of December 1.

He suffered a cardiac arrest at the scene but began breathing again following CPR, and was taken to Royal Blackburn Hospital before being transferred to Alder Hey, Liverpool, later that night, where his condition was stable, and CT scans showed no issues with his brain, although his face and arms were badly burned, causing his airway and lips to swell.

He had a build-up of soot on his lungs which was cleared using saline solution.

He was placed on a ventilator, sedated and regularly checked on and his airway monitored by staff in intensive care.

However, on December 3, during a routine head turn to alleviate pressure on one side of his head, Rehan coughed, dislodging his airway tube, and he suffered a second cardiac arrest.

CPR was performed and a new airway intubated and his vitals returned to normal.

Despite this, the 15-year-old suffered a severe lack of oxygen to the brain.

He died on December 6, five days after being pulled from the fire.