A COUNCIL has taken to social media to find out residents' views on the new coronavirus vaccinations.

Hyndburn Council has organised a Facebook poll on the issue.

It is asking members of the Hyndburn Chat group: "Are you planning to get the Covid-19 Vaccination if it is offered to you for free?”

They are asked to answer yes, no or unsure and add a comment if they wish.

A Hyndburn Council spokeswoman said: “As Hyndburn Chat is the largest Hyndburn online group we are hoping its members can help us understand thoughts about the Covid-19 vaccine in our borough.

“We don’t normally do this but with something so important for our community, we are trying to engage with people directly and understand their thoughts.

“To help us keep our borough safe, the council wants to understand if people are looking forward to the vaccine, what information they need to make a decision, or any concerns they may have.

“We are impressed with residents’ responses on the poll so far! Some very helpful feedback. Our Instagram poll about the same issue last week was also very well received with 80 per cent of respondents saying they would have the vaccine.”