A crash in Blackburn left mangled wreckage from a Porsche strewn over the road.

The incident happened on Lammack Road at about 10.30am on Friday and involved the Porsche and VW van.

The damage was so extensive that the wheels of the Porsche were ripped from the body of the car.

It is thought the occupants were freed from the vehicles following the crash on a bend on Lammack Road.

No one was injured in the incident according to witnesses.

An earlier crash happened on the same stretch outside Hare and Hounds Pub Lammack Road at about 9.15am.

There have  been calls for safety measures to be put in place on the road.

Tommy Temperley lives on nearby Whinney Lane and said he has called for speeding measures several times over the years on this notorious strech of road.

He said: “We have asked the council to look into this but nothing has happened so far.

“I understand they got funding to put traffic calming measures but nothing has been done.

“I would like to see some speed bumps put here.

“Someone could be killed if we don’t get something done fast.

“They do come down this road very fast. They have the school here and we need get people to slow down.”

Councillor Jackie Floyd who represents the Billinge and Beardwood ward said: “Because of Covid-19 a lot of schemes are taking a longer time to implement.

“Please be patient with us as this will be completed as soon as possible.

“In addition to this I would like remind people to drive safely.

“I am glad the occupants in this accident were not hurt.”

Police and Blackburn with Darwen Council were contacted for comment