FOOTBALL shirt, pyjamas, scarf or bobble hat are all good Christmas gifts but there is one item that may be on Blackburn Rovers fans' gift lists - a range of beers.

Paul Latham dons his cap as 'Grandad' to show off his footballing skills on the club's video promoting the three different beers - brewed using only the finest ingredients from the heart of Lancashire.

During the video he proved his Tekkerz as a Blackburn Rovers ball travels around the ground before knocking over cans of the beer and Roverites will also be bowled over by the new product.

He said: "Bullseye, I'm not freytened. It's beer and it's Rovers. What's not to like!"

The beer comes after the Ewood Park giants teamed up with Hops and Shots to create the beer in the three most popular types.

The ales are available in cases of six, 12 or 24, but you could alternatively choose a mixed pack and get all three in the same selection case.

The three Rovers beers are:

Rovers Lager



The finest blend of hops and malt resulting in a crisp, refreshing, flavoursome blue and white lager. Definitely a fans favourite!

Hops: Magnum, Perle, Tettnanger, Hallertau Tradition

Malt: Pale, Malted Oats, Naked Oats, Dextrin

Champions Golden Ale


Produced to commemorate a truly golden period in Blackburn Rovers history, the 94/95 Premier League Champions!

A wonderfully golden-coloured ale brewed with fine Maris Otter malted extra pale barley, blended with English and Slovenian Goldings Hops offering a distinct mouth feel and floral aroma

Hops: - Extra pale malt with English and Slovenian Golding hops

Taste: - Distinctive floral aroma and mouth feel

Ewood Bitter



An amber coloured bitter, brewed with Cascade, Chinook and Simcoe American Hops. Piney, floral hop flavours with excellent balanced malts.

Hops: Cascade, Chinook and Simcoe American Hops.

Taste: Piney, floral hop flavours with excellent balanced malts.

Tony Greenwood, from Hops and Shots, said: "We are extremely proud to be partnering with Blackburn Rovers Football Club for their club beer project.

"Our ethos is all about supporting local and small businesses, and everything through the production process has come from a local supplier.

"Fans now have the option to watch the games, supporting the club by drinking the beer, which in turn supports small local businesses when they need it the most.”

Supporters can purchase their Rovers beer by visiting the club's shop.