A WOMAN was knocked unconscious when she was hit on the head with a bottle as she stood outside McDonald’s in Burnley town centre.

Blackburn magistrates heard the victim had no recollection of the attack by Mohammed Jabar who claimed he had been subjected to a racist comment.

Jabar, 21, of no fixed address, pleaded guilty to assaulting Julie Stowell causing her actual bodily harm. He was jailed for six months.

The chairman of the magistrates described it as an extremely serious offence which had the potential to be far more serious.

“You could easily have been facing a manslaughter charge,” he said.

The court was told Jabar was serving a recently-imposed sentence of nine-and-a-half years for conspiracy to supply drugs.

“To ensure that justice is seen to be done this sentence will be served on top of the sentence you are already serving,” added the chairman.

“We are not awarding compensation because we do not feel the victim will want to be reminded of the incident at any time in the future.”

Rachel Ottley, prosecuting, said the victim and a friend were in Burnley town centre and had been for a couple of cocktails.

“After that she can’t remember anything,” said Ms Ottley.

“She was taken to Royal Blackburn Hospital with a cut to the back of her head and bruising to her chin and that is the last thing she remembered. Her friend told her the next day a man had hit her on the head with a bottle.”

Ms Ottley said CCTV showed a number of people standing outside McDonald’s.

There seemed to be some words exchanged and then the defendant could be seen to take a bottle out of his pocket and hit the victim on the head.

Mark Williams, defending, said there was initially an argument between the victim’s friend and another male who was with the defendant.

“She approached him and words were exchanged and he says a racist comment was made,” said Mr Williams.

“He accepts taking the bottle from his pocket and hitting her.

“Fortunately the injuries were not serious in respect of assault causing actual bodily harm.”