Two sets of official Blackburn school portraits have been found during renovations at a house in Wales.

Tracey Breedon got in touch with us following a similar discovery we featured in the summer.

She said: “We found it quite fascinating, as we are also doing renovations. Ours were found in the roof space while rewiring for new lights. It had been boarded over many years ago.”

The first image is dated 1935 and mentions King George V’s Jubilee. This photograph is of the Convent of Notre Dame Blackburn before it turned into the Notre Dame Grammar School.

The second image is a 1967 photo from pupils at Westholme School and were both discovered on Friday 27 November.

Tracey said: “The photos have made quite a journey to Mid Wales. We are located around 10 miles inland of Aberystwyth in the Rheidol Valley in a small area called Cwmrheidol. 

"Our house was originally an old mill with a well; built right on the bank of Afon Rheidol (River Rheidol). 

“It has been converted into a house at some stage over the years but is very old and in need of complete renovation.

“Our apprentice electrician, Mikey Winter-Bruce, was the person who made the discovery. Mikey had been squeezing himself into very small spaces in the roof cavity while installing new wiring for our kitchen lights. They had to pull up a lot of old boards to access the ceiling plaster from above.”

Lancashire Telegraph:

Lancashire Telegraph:

Tracey said they heard Mikey call out in excitement and he made his way back out of the roof space with the two portraits.

 “He was so excited and pleased with what he’d discovered,” said Tracey. “He was covered in dust and cobwebs!”

Mikey then did a Google search to get some background on the convent and its location and came across the Lancashire Telegraph article in which where we featured two images taken in 1946 and 1950 showing pupils at the Notre Dame Grammar School that were found at a house in Blackburn.

Lancashire Telegraph:

Tracey said: “We were all so amazed and couldn’t believe that one photo was dated 11 years earlier than the 1946 portrait. 

“We were trying to imagine the photographs’ journey to Mid Wales and how they could be in this house. 

“We were also so amazed at the great condition of the photos. We think that they must have been hidden in the perfect condition to keep them so safe and in the condition we found them in. 

“The discovery stopped work and resulted in a tea break, some chocolate and lots of nostalgic chatter and wonder. 

“What went from a grubby building site, ended up as a reminder that we’re surrounded by history and there is so much more to what we’re doing and to take care when demolishing or updating old properties.”

Lancashire Telegraph:

She said there had been no real deterioration and it would be nice to hang them up, 

“We’re also conscious that a special find like this may be very important and significant to someone in the photograph and or family relatives, including the school.

“The Convent of Notre Dame Blackburn photograph is dated 1935 and it would be wonderful to share the image for others to see.

“ We would also need to take advice on whether hanging them might result in their deterioration, as we would not want that to happen while they’re in our care.”