A ‘DANGEROUS’ man who raped a woman in her own home continued his attack despite her five-year-old son calling out to ask her if she was alright.

Jamie Ward met his victim in Costa Coffee just hours before the vicious attack.

Preston Crown Court heard how the victim started chatting with Ward after she heard him make a remark about wanting her phone number while they were both in the café in Accrington in August 2017.

She gave it to him and the pair continued to have a conversation with the 23-year-old then offering to help the woman home with her shopping.

He helped her with the bags before leaving, but they continued to exchange messages throughout the day arranging for Ward to come back later that evening for a cup of tea, the court heard.

Prosecutor Daniel Calder told the court when Ward returned the victim had already put her son to bed and the pair chatted whilst having a drink.

They decided on a second cup of tea with the woman leaving the room to go and make it. However when she returned Ward took both cups out of her hands before raping her.

She asked him on several occasions to stop and was screaming for him to leave her alone when she heard her son shouting from upstairs to ask if she was OK.

To avoid her son seeing what was happening, she replied that she was fine and that he should go back to sleep and that she loved him, to which he replied he loved her too.

Ward carried on raping his victim while she remained silent as to not worry her child.

Mr Calder said due to personal difficulties, the victim did not report the crime for several weeks, but had kept the underwear she was wearing that night as evidence of the attack.

When arrested by police, Ward denied all charges saying to officers: “You have got the wrong person, I have never met that lass.”

When police said they had his DNA the defendant said that the pair had intercourse but claimed it was consensual.

Defence John Keith Harrison said that psychological evaluations of Ward have shown he had learning difficulties and finds it difficult to empathise with what he has done.

He said his client had also shown interest in taking part in sexual offence rehabilitation, but due to the coronavirus pandemic, this had not yet been possible.

The Honorary Recorder of Preston, Judge Robert Altham said: “He is not just a dangerous man but a very dangerous man.”

Judge Altham said that one of the worst parts of this case if that he knew the victim’s son was present, and said the woman was “courageous” in telling her son she was OK.

He said: “The defendant knew that he was there, knew that he was calling down and just carried on.”

Ward, who was found guilty of rape at a trial, was sentenced to seven years in prison with a further five on licence.

He will also be placed on the sex offenders’ register.